I Stock Up On Food Snacks Invented By The U.S. Military

I stock up on food snacks that were invented by the U.S. military services, and for a couple of reasons. Military snacks are designed to do two things. The first is to provide nutrition and energy. The second is to last a long time, sometimes under harsh conditions, troops, sailors, and pilots might face. Food snacks invented by the U.S. military tend to have shelf lives measured in years, not months.

I buy them from three usual sources. The first is expos, shows, and conventions that come through town and focus on military items or wilderness survival. The second is a local Army/Navy surplus store that I love. The third is a few online sites that usually have good stockpiles of MREs and snacks from the military branches.

I find these snacks highly useful in quite a few circumstances. I keep a drawer full of them at work for when I might have a late night. No one ever eats them behind my back because they don’t know what they are. I keep a box of them in my car trunk if I’m ever stranded. I also use them when hiking and camping.

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